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Broncos' Carlos Henderson Tried Swallowing Weed to Prevent Arrest

Denver Broncos wide receiver Carlos Henderson was arrested on Sunday during a routine traffic stop for possession of marijuana. The arrest occurred in West Monroe, Louisiana where Henderson was the passenger in the vehicle that was stopped for speeding. Source: Vlad Tv

Funk Icon George Clinton Loves Trap Music and Wants to Work with Cardi B

George Clinton, one of the most recognizable legends of the Funk era has been a proponent of hip-hop for quite some time. Clinton has collaborated with some of hip-hop’s most legendary acts such as De La Soul, Dr. Dre., and Kendrick Lamar. Source: Vlad Tv

Jim Carrey Praises Cardi B and Bruno's "Finesse" Music Video

As if Bruno Mars and Cardi B needed any more validation that their video homage to the hit ’90s show, In Living Color after the Wayans family gave them the thumbs up, Jim Carrey just chimed in to praise the video. Source: Vlad Tv

Kevin Durant Working on Dreams of Owning NBA Team After He Retires

Kevin Durant already has a league MVP award, as well as a Finals MVP and NBA Championship on his resume but after his playing days are over, the Washington D.C. product said he’s got his target set on team ownership. Source: Vlad Tv

Maino Gives out $60K Worth of Winter Clothes to His Old Neighborhood

While residents on the East Coast prepare for harsher weather conditions for Winter 2018, one rapper is looking out for his old community’s local effort to stay warm. Maino recently headed back to his Brooklyn neighborhood to donate $60K worth of winter clothing to those in need. Source: Vlad Tv

Remy Ma Asks Fans to Help Pick Artwork for New "Melanin Magic" Single

Recently, Remy Ma took to Instagram to announce her upcoming single “Melanin Magic,” featuring Chris Brown. Along with making the announcement, the rapper presented three photos and asked her fans to choose one as the artwork for the track. Source: Vlad Tv

Armed Security Guard Stops Guys Trying to Rob 7-Eleven With Fake Guns

Recently, a video surfaced of two young men attempting to rob a 7-Eleven. However, the gun they used was reportedly fake. Because of that, an armed security guard took it upon himself to show the robbers what a real gun looks like. Source: Vlad Tv

Exclusive! Flashback: Micki Free: Chappelle's Prince Skit is 100% Accurate, Played like Jordan

In 2016, legendary guitarist and musician Micki Free spoke exclusively to VladTV about hanging out with Prince and Eddie Murphy in the 1980s, and he provided us with the real story of Charlie Murphy’s famous Chappelle Show skit about Prince playing basketball. Source: Vlad Tv

Cardi B Tweets "I Got Options But I Want Who I Want"

Cardi B and Offset’s engagement has seen its ups and downs, with rumors swirling of Offset allegedly cheating on her. Since then, the two have been seen together standing strong, with Offset even getting her name tatted on his neck. Now, Cardi has tweeted out some thoughts about her love life. Source: Vlad Tv

Sports Reporter's Weave Gets Caught Between Football Player Hug

The Vikings recently faced off against the New Orleans Saints, and ended up winning the game due to a 61-yard touchdown delivered by Stefon Diggs.Following the game, various players from the Vikings were interviewed and found Everson Griffen getting interviewed by ESPN. Source: Vlad Tv